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The Joy of Cancer:
A Journey of Self-Discovery

In April of 2006, Olga Munari was exasperated. Unhappy with her life, Olga confessed to her fitness trainer that she wished something bad would happen to create change in her life. The following Monday, she learned that she had breast cancer. Kim Mecca narrates the moving story of how Olga bravely faced a life-threatening diagnosis and used it as an opportunity to form a sacred bond with her children, adopt a positive attitude, and give back to others. She soon discovered that healing was not only physical but emotional and found joy. The Joy of Cancer from bestselling author Olga Munari with Kim Mecca provides an unforgettable glimpse into one woman’s walk through the darkness of disease and into the light of healing.

“You will be inspired by The Joy Of Life. ”

Best Selling Author. The Joy Of Life "Now What?" Olga Munari

The Joy of Life: Now What?

Ever wish that something terrible would happen to you? 

And then it does!

That’s what happened to Olga Munari. Her wish for something “bad” was granted. Olga got breast cancer. Faced with a situation that could end her life, she chose to fight and live. Olga’s second book, The Joy of Life – Now What takes over where her first book left us – gloriously blessed after winning a battle with cancer, returning to a life of family, security and normality. But did Olga Munari want her life to return to normal? 

Now What?

Munari reveals how once she was cured of her illness; she could no longer shy away from her desire to find happiness. This quest would lead her to examine her suppressed past and make life-altering decisions if she genuinely wanted to find her desired joy.

Munari bares her soul and lays out the steps that helped her become whole. Her greatest hope is that by being candid about her journey, she will help others heal from their emotional wounds. Hopefully, one day we can all discover our greatest gift – ourselves.

Olga Munari is the mother of three adult children, an entrepreneur, life coach, primordial sound meditation teacher, and the co-author of The Joy of Cancer: A Journey of Self-Discovery.

“A must-read for every woman”

The Joy of Healing: Overcome Victimhood. End Denial. Live Life.

In her third book on healing, Olga Munari expresses her journey through the lens of her late mother, Denise Andrée Drapeau Munari, a woman who learned life begins with healing; when we escape the bonds of victimhood and end denial and dare to live. 

“What you make of healing is inside you,” writes Munari. You’ve heard that expression before. But what if it was your last day on Earth and asked to explain healing? How would you answer? “Are you healed?” Would you say “yes” or “no?” Why do we need healing in the first place? What joy is there in that? Is being happy the goal? At some point, we believe that the love we have is what we deserve. The negative energy fastens to our hearts. How do we hasten the relief? End being a victim. End denying that you have no control. Hasten Relief. The Joy of Healing can change your life. Wrap your soul around the joy of healing. Life.

Best Seller book 'The Joy Of Healing" Overcome Victimhood. End Denial. Live Life
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